The One That's Here to Stay

This is what I am.

I'm going to go my own way.

What I do is what I can.

Don't let them force me to sway.

My path comes acoss many.

Like brown among branches,

they all just seem the same.

short, fat, tall, skinny,

they are all just really lame.

until one day I saw a spark,

that stood out among the rest.

I watched that spark for several days,

Until I couldn't wait.

I fed the spark some firewood,

and soon it became a flame.

This flame burned brighter than any before.

Like a wildfire it burned on,

as it still does today.

This is the only flame in my life,

as it burned all the others away.

What I am now is what I am.

I still go my own way.

But unlike before I am not searching.

I found my girl to stay.






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