One Such Creature

Little specks of color drabble the city streets with life and brightness, carrying on,

Going about themselves, moving like automatons,

Wondering, laughing, mourning, smothering one another with affection,


It is amazing how I am one with these tiny creatures,

And that we are strewn together, like a small child who’s feet have grown tangled amongst their shoelaces;

we are whole in the presence of one another.

I am one such creature.

I am one who has realized that one does not have to speak in order to truly say,

that the beauty lies in a harmonious glance at a loved one,

and that all has already been said.

I am one such creature who, with eyes wide open, has been changed by the tides of adulthood,

And like a pebble in a small, wondrous stream, I have been shaped by my destiny.

Though my eyes will fade and decay with age, they have seen enough

to remember what the difference is between one who has provided love,

and one who has plenty to give but has not given.

I am one such creature who has been taught

that sometimes the paths that are forged unexpectedly may be the best ones to take, even if they hurt the most.

It is captivating how, though we may not be rich, and though we may have nothing,

we are fufilled by the company of one another,

and the souls that have become empty and hollow are filled with

l i f e  and  w a r m t h.

I am one such creature.

This poem is about: 
My family
My community
Our world
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