That one special boy

Tue, 12/10/2013 - 19:34 -- jduako


You say you are done your over him

But at the end memories comes back.

You try your best to ignore it

But you can’t

You remember the feeling you had in your heart

The big ass smile you had on your face

Then you start to miss it

All of a sudden

That little moment of joy disappears

And you get this pain in your heart

You get that feeling in your stomach

You panic and whisper to yourself

Don’t cry, don’t cry

You are over him

But it’s too late

Tears just start pouring out uncontrollably

Then you just keep crying

And here comes the memories again

When you had this special feeling in your heart

Your big ass smile

Then you see his smile

And the tears comes more harder and harder

Your heart feels as if it is broken

They don’t call it heartbreak ironically

Then when the tears start to slow down

And you just start to think

What could I have done?

How could of I fixed it?

But then you remember the main problems that made him leave you

Painful tears start to fall down

Then you look over in the dark laying on your bed

And you stare off and try to imagine

How happy you would have been if you and him

Got back together again

Then you say to yourself I can’t get over him

I’m not done

You yell and get frustrated with yourself and insult yourself

Why am I so stupid!


Why me?

You take a deep breath in and out

You lay back down look up at the ceiling

And think to yourself

I wonder if he loves me as much as I love him?

Does he cry when he thinks about me?

You take a deep breath in and out

and sign

 roll over

 and cry yourself to sleep

and right before you doze off

you realize the saddest thing is

the one boy you love the most

hurt you the most

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