One-Sided Love

Because I love you, you’ll be with me

I have so much on my plate, yet you say

that I need to spend my free time with you

to give you the love that you want

Yet it’s not for me – I just don’t feel it anymore

Don’t you understand?

It shouldn’t be this way

If you love me, as you say, then respect my wishes

Let me be the manager of my time, my space, my body

Let me have a voice too

Because I loved you I put up with it

But it wasn’t truly right for me

I can’t reciprocate the same love you show

Yet I still agreed to meet with you, even though

I knew it was mostly one-sided

Because I love you, you’d always say, you’ll make out with me

But because I loved you I couldn’t stay with you in the end

Because I love me now, I determine

My own time, and I know now what I want

And it wasn’t what we had

I want to be free

Because I love me, I decide my own life

Act more assertively when I don’t like the situation

Thank you – for helping me to love me more

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