A One-Sided Love


Lord I like my life

But please give me a wife

For me to love

For me to care for

Rich or poor

From heaven to the shore

Of the sandy beach

Where I will teach

My son to fish

For our dinner dish

For which I wish for everyday

Please come and play with me

Let him be

And live his life

So he can overcome the strife

That can be everyday

That can come in every way

Now please stay and let him go

For I love you so

More then him

Stay and sin

Don't let him win

Make him loose

While he ties his shoes

With another girl

And they dance in a twirl

He's not for you

Believe me it's true

Because I love you

Please love me too

Wait why do you go

Where are you going back to him

You let him win

Why do you love him

He's not for you

Why can't you believe it's true

Lord I no longer like my life

Please make her my wife




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