One Night To Soon

When I saw your face
It threw me for a whirl
Beautiful beyond words
Such a precious little girl/
Big blues eyes
Remind me of the morning skies
A soothing sunrise resides between your thighs/
Lips pretty and softer than silk
Hair dark and flowing
Skin resembling sweet buttermilk/
Smile so cute,innocent in a sense
Sexy would be an understatement
To describe your soul so intense/
I remember your touch
I can recall the taste of your lips
A masterpiece to say the least
With every sway of your hips/
Your curves are endless
Your mind is amazing,
Your passion burns hot
Like a bonfire blazing!/
I miss the day we connected
Missed my chance to hold you
One night of fun
But I really wanted to know you/
Know how you feel
And how you see the world
All the hopes and dreams
Inside this precious little girl?/
But now you are a precious memory
A memory thats fond,
Ill cherish that moment forever..
Forever and beyond/

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