The One That Matters

Mon, 05/04/2020 - 20:24 -- Frinky

You Matter. 


At times like these, when it’s night, I’m tired but I want to get up. I have no drive but I’ll get up and drive. 


We lost touch after the summer solstice and your birthday. I made a few really fucked up tough choices that day. 


It was October when I saw you again. 

I knew I had to go running back...chasing the footsteps left by “my long distance friend”


I want to confess to you that, i Gave her a ring, and I “woulda-rethunk” that if I had been thinking straight. 


Maybe I did that too late, or it was never our fate. But I took it all back about a month after that.


Same time frame, I felt you calling but not with the phone. I still feel our souls intertwined and I sense that you aren’t gone. 


I informed you of it but I never told you it hurt. You could already tell when you hugged me, by the tears I left on your shirt. 


My Situation was real screwed up, ecstatic we got back in touch. Our electricity, reminded me, why I fucking love you so much. But we


Kept our meetings brief, just seeing your face and kissing you again brought me great relief.


I’ve always been bad at keeping in touch, even when I miss your sexy ass so much. 


I haven’t seen your face since December. 

I remember saying “I’ll be right back”.


You spent weeks in that hospital and I only showed my face once. Face time maybe twice until you started yelling at me saying it was a lie, and saying don’t call back. 


I didn’t give us a real chance at this romance. Because I was afraid of change and more afraid to follow my heart.


I gave you half doses of me even though you were the remedy to my mind, my body and my heart from the start. 


Treated you like a side piece; God knows you are more than that...and every day and night at 11:11, I wish for you back. 


Whole life has been thrown off track, I lost my family, my house, my car, and the willpower to fight for it all back. Damn. 


When I think of loss my whole being shatters. And the only person who has ever been able to put the pieces back together is “YOU”, the one that matters. 




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