One Life

Sat, 04/05/2014 - 23:34 -- Amahami

Hey, so you know, this contains some graphic bits about self-harm, so please don't read it if it will trigger you. Thanks! -SR

Hate self
Hate self


The cycle continues
It never stops
But then one day
My family puts me
In a Loony Bin


I realize I have a problem
I know I need to stop
I begin to recover
Not knowing what I
Will soon discover
But knowing I want to recover


Later that year
I relapse
And cut through my skin
My sister finds out
And her face
Is viciously pained


From then on I realized
How much my actions
Changed what others felt
And did


I wanted to stop
To help my friends
My sister and my fam'ly


I became addicted
To something new
Right then


But this time it was
Okay to do
Or at least
I think it is.


I began to help
And help and help
All the people I could find


I helped those and saved those
In danger or not
Enemy or my friend


If I could change
Just one little thing
I would change someone's life


I would help them to live
Give them a chance
To try it once again


I would save their life
And they would save more
And so many lives would be saved
Fewer broken families
Fewer shattered hearts
And more

ba dum
ba dum
ba dum
ba dum
ba dum
ba dum


Not just a number
Not another suicide
Or another lost soul
But one more family
One more heart

Just one life
At a time.


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