One of a Kind


One of a Kind

I'm one of a Kind

Creativity is what sparks me.

Art fills me.

Music is what drives me.

Animals are what brings the sensitivity out within me.

I have a Dream

We all have Dreams

All Have a goal in which we set ourselves up for

But is it really what you want?

I don't want to be the girl stuck behind a desk all day

The girl hating every moment of her job

I want to be in control

Control my life and not let others govern me

I'm in charge of where I go in life

Only one that Dictates me is me.

I make the decisions and refuse negativity.

I want to help.

I want to provide.

To give back to the community and help creatures that can't help themselves.

I want to play soothing music that fills the ears and soul of others.

I want to be me.

Not what society tries to make out of me but what I make of myself.

I desire to be the one people can look up to.

So what the future holds in job wise shall be full filling.

Because If I can't be myself then who else will I be?

I don't want to be the shadows that lurks behind every door.

Never wanting to be the one waiting on someone else.


Goal Driven.

Caring and Open-minded.

The things I strive to be.

Dream big.

Never give up.

Veterinarian Or music Business is what I want.

Helpful and entertaining is what it demands.

Talent of all sorts combining into one just to get the job done.

The feeling of success once I finish my task.

Feeling completed with the content of not only helping myself but others as well.

I'm one of kind

There are many others similar to me.

But there's no one who is the exact replica of me.

One and only.

I'm truly one of a kind.

If I can't be me then who else will I be.



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