One Job...May Change My Life Scholarship Slam




The Extreme!


Can a job change my entire life?

The question keep floating in my head

My eyes are so amazed by my dreams

Becoming a marriage and family therapist

Seem extreme

But not in my dreams

In my dreams it tells me to fill out scholarships

Graduate high school with a 4.0

But it’s not up to my dreams to take action

It’s up to me and only me

Seems extreme

But my dreams keep telling me to just stay focus

and achieve your goals

My dreams seem so determine

But why can’t I feel that determination

I only feel it sometimes but I think so much

and think about giving up

then I hear a sweet voice saying

Why give up when you’re half way there

It was my grandma talking to me

 That’s when I knew I needed to take action

2015 is getting closer and closer

It’s getting more extreme but still possible

So many goals I want to achieve when I receive my diploma

First I want to get accepted to Virginia Tech

That’s even more extreme

But my dream said just to stay focus

And achieve my goals

Second I want to be able to pay for college

My family not the richest so I have to take action

Only thing going to make them goals come true are


Nothing is ever handed to you

I am going to be a marriage and family therapist

My dreams seem so extreme to everyone else

Expect me

I will get my Master’s Degree

It might take years

But all I need to do is stay focus, positive

Hardworking and dedicated

Dreams always become reality

Expect the dreams hide the tough obstacles

Such as negative energy around you, SAT & ACT scores,

 and college classes

Obstacles are extreme

But still possible

Because the great support I have

My family, teachers, coaches, friends and counselors

Their amazing

But my professors at Virginia Tech are going to be wonderful

I am going to be a marriage and family therapists

It’s not extreme anymore

My dream job is getting closer and closer

I smell success and I want to taste it.

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