One job may... Change my life



Imagine living the life you dream of free of fear,

Imagine the pain gone and no longer having to shed a tear,

Imagine not having to suffer and feeling lower than dirt, 

Picture your life transforming to happy from what was once hurt

Every where I've turned there was no one to heal me better than my self

It's all an imaginable state you can reach with knowledge of the self


A soul looking for a match, one to spark the light within.

Looking for finishlines, to prove to myself I am destined to win. 

A young woman growing in a cold world no longer having her father to snuggle.

Life was never easy, it's merely a beautiful struggle.

He watched as I took my first breath of life my story began to begin.

I watched him take his last breath, I had always hoped for no end.

Life is a battle for me you see, Stuck in that moment gasping to breathe

Where do you go from there?

Since then I doubted my life, my existence, and my ability to fly

Life has to go on no matter how many tears you can't help but stop, CRY

CRY little one for you have a life long lesson to learn, this is just the start.

No matter how much it seems the world is caving in as long as there's a beat in your heart,

The change you want to see in the world lives there. Keep looking up, keep showing up


Learning that in this universe all of our lives touch, we can heal by contributing

Mine happens to be the ability to ease hurt to the physical body through massage therapy

I'm in last semester in school by July, I WILL be graduating

Hasn't been an easy route and though financially everything isn't perfect,

I feel the lives I touched so far and will have an effect on in the future will all be worth it.


The fact that I am making a difference is a feeling I never thought was attainable

This job i'm using as a stepping stone to learn more and grow.

Practicing the art of healing the body which contains a soul.

My life has changed for I am not the sad girl I used to know.





Power poetry for scholarship.

Looking forward to finally graduating school 

Beginning a career to change lives!

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