To the One I Left Behind

You can't tell me that you ever cared about me or my feelings when the one time I sleepily told you I loved you (on accident), you told me that I didn't
You can't say that you did nothing wrong when you slept with another girl, after I told you I was worried that you would, while I was in the next room over
You can't act like it was me who wouldn't accept our relationship, when it was you who refused to admit that you actually did say you wanted me to be your girlfriend
You can't pretend that I broke your heart when I left, when you're the one who broke my heart, my will, my very being and sense of self, most of the days that we were together
You can't get pissed at me for being pissed at you for blowing me off after begging me to hang out when the only reason I was back in town was for my mother's funeral

You know you had me a thousand times, when you didn't deserve even the first time
I often worry that you used me up, making me worthless, trash, when there was almost no level I wouldn't stoop to in order to please you
How weak must my heart be, if I'm still hung up on the hooks you lodged deep inside of me far too many months ago?
How is it that your name keeps coming up in conversation when I am trying so desparately to move on?
It seems that I ran so far away from you, putting thousands of miles between us, while you're still hoping I'll come when you call

I am not yours; I never belonged to you
I am stronger, wiser, more adventurous and more beautiful than you ever let me be
I never needed you to love me, because I am pretty damn great at loving myself
So don't try to tell me anything, when actions speak louder than words and my ears are closed to anything you could possibly have to say in the first place

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