One Fine Day


One fine day I woke up for the first time in my life 
I've seen the world for what it truly is  
Vanity, insanity and nothing left to lose 
Will you fight or or die, my darling, now you choose  

There was a man named Andrew who would rather act than speak 
He knew that sometimes words are just too weak 
He sought me and he taught me everything I've come to know 
He said remember this untill the day you go 

Newfound Scripture say that things we once thought right are wrong 
And the Gnostics seemed to know it all along 
At our core seems nothing more the misinterpretation 
Now's the time to rekindle old foundations 

There was a man named Judas who they called the worst of all 
'Cause someone always has to take the fall 
Baptized now he's chastised and we burn him every year  
Yet would him and Christ not share the same old fear 

Some know just what's going on but most don't have a clue 
And by the time you go you'll wish you knew 
That all you need is faith and you can see the world for real 
Then there won't be any wounds you cannot heal 

And one fine day you'll wake up for the last time in your life 
By then I pray you'll understand this world 
'Cause Andrew is like Judas just the way I am like you 
So live your life in everybody's shoes   

I've seen my hell, I wrote my constitution 
We're on the edge of a burning revolution 
I'm sick and tired of this old and bloody enclave 
My darling you will have your one fine day    


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