One Dream, One Bite, One Life


It begins with the sunrise, a dream is born and the rays christen the earth.  

A seed grows not only in the ground below but in the mind of the girl tilling the land.

Her hands are a canvas painted with years of labor, scorches from the flames of a twelve hour shift are the stripes she has earned.

With those same hands she builds the foundation for a better, healthier tomorrow, not just for herself but for the world.

Every seed planted holds the foundation for a better future. Dreams feed her crop and finally it is time to harvest.

Raw. Pure. Fuel. Her bounty she transform into something nutritious and delicious. She paints a plate with colors  of vegetables and fruits from her labors. 

Knowledge. Aspirations for fueling a better tomorrow fill her head and leave her garden baron. Her garden cannot grow the green that can fuel her hunger for education. 

Time.  With every passing sunrise she grows hungry and her garden cannot nourish her. She is starving yet her hands continue thier work and plant the seeds for another day, for another body to nourish but not her own.

It ends with a star, a dream is cast into the night sky and the hope that her garden will sprout the green patch that she needs to feed her hungry mind. 



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