One Disastrous Choice

Mom, I’m sorry
Your advice I did not take
I got into the car, mom
And now you’re heart is going to break
My little sister was with me, mom
She knew that it was wrong
But I convinced her it was okay, mom
She got in too before long
I had had so much to drink, mom
I could not tell wrong from right
I know I shouldn’t have driven, mom
On this very late summer night
Everything was just so blurry, mom
My senses and I were out of touch
I want you to know, mom
That I love my sister so very much
I didn’t see the truck, mom
That was in the other lane
I collided with it head-on, mom
Then all I felt was pain
Everything went black, mom
But I heard my sister scream
Then everything got dead silent, mom
As if I were in a dream
I finally opened my eyes, mom
And now I’m stuck here in this car
I can barely move, mom
My injuries are definitely going to scar
And oh my sweet young sister, mom
Is so quiet and so still
She was so very right, mom
To take it all back, I would surely kill
But because of one bad choice, mom
Her blood is everywhere
I can smell and see it all around, mom
It’s covering her beautiful brown hair
I’ll never forgive myself, mom
As I pray for her to just move her head
But I know the truth, mom
Because of me my little sister is dead

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Rabia Cav

I'm not big on poetry, but this gave me the goosebumps. I'm sure you have learned your "lesson" but do not let it burden you, otherwise it will consume you. You should make something of yourself and make her proud. Stick to your studies and it will take you places your sister didn't get to go.


This hit me really hard, for obvious reasons. It's really good, K. Heartwrenching, sad and beautiful. Miss you. Email me? firstnamelastnamealllowercase@gmail

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