One Day

Mon, 02/13/2017 - 03:50 -- jswp5

One day

I want to find a world

Far away from this one

With impossible cliffs

High above the clouds

With a terrain of impossible soil

And the earth flies freely from the surface

I know such a world cannot exist

With giant green forests

And a horizon that expands forever

And mountains of free floating magnets

But I’ll never find such a world

Because one so beautiful doesn’t exist

So instead

I’ll make my own

I’ll borrow from the minds

Of those along side me

And sculpt each mountain by hand

I’ll sow the seeds

For the impossible trees

That I one day long to gaze upon

With towering cities stretching up for miles

And gigantic cliffs

To dwarf them all

With crystals bursting from the edges

Born from the air around them

"In meiner welt

Alles perfekt"

Because perfection is only shown

When imperfection exists beside it

And one day

I’ll finally create

My perfect, imperfect



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Our world
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