That One Breakup

Dear J

We met at school 

5 years ago

When i met you it was that cheesy thing on the movies that no one thinks it actually happens

But for some reason that day with me it did

When i saw you 

The world seemingly stoped

My heart beating faster now

The lights dimming down

A light above your head

Now simply glissining down

A bam of visions hit me

You, Everyone and Me

From that piont on i loved you

You were the new kid

The first person you talked to

As time went by we became friends

You helped me with my shit

I tried helping you and being a friend

But you always seeamed to push me away

I never understood but i do today

2 years went on

We became more then friends

We became on and off 

Kept going back

The 4th time we tried 

I thought we were playing a more serious game 

A forever


Then there seamed no future losses 

Only gains

We got close

I told you everything All the worry


I gave you my Religion

My Christianity

I even gave you

My sacrid to me Virginity

And after all this at 3 months or so

Longest relationship

Febuary so

Thought id finnaly have a man on valentines day

Instead 2 weeks before

I found you were cheating on me

I cried, Bawled

Ran ot the room

Just thought after all we been through

After all the times i covered your ass

Bullying me, Verbally abusing me 

All that crap

Forgave you

Thought this would be the time

Ended up getting a million lies

You said i been with her for 4 whole years

Wanna make it 7 as he saw my tears

Lied to everyone bout all these years

Didnt think we were meant to last long but now were here

Im sorry

But i cant let go of her years

I went in the bathroom to cry again for all those years

Questioning everything

All we ever was 

All my feelings

And i had enough 

I knew then what i had to do

Just had to have to guts to do it

Then i broke up with you

Then i was like screw it

Ever since the news i havent been the same

Just keep sitting here thinking

Crying bout the pain

Telling myself one day

Ill be ok

I already got these lessions

I just gotta put them in everyday

Now im done with you

Your not in my life

Cause my legs gave out and got tired

Of caring all the fight

I feels better when were apart

I much as i loved you i dont know were to start

I cant trust you

You dont deserve me

There were more lies then what you agreed

I found i love and strenghth i never knew

I hope you have a good life

Learn your lessions to

Ive forgiven

Im done now 

Gonna work on me

My success now

And although the pain 

Sometimes holds me back

I got the lessions now to bring me back


Your New Past



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its a really good poem and it gave me some insperation to help me with my song writing.

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