One Beat

This a dedication to my Motivator, my Inspiration…One Beat
I see you walking down the street
I see you looking back at me
Wish I could just hold your face
This time I’m not afraid to chase
This moment I will not erase
If only you knew how I felt for you
Look around I left you many clues
And in time we will know if we’re meant to be
At times I sit hear praying to the Lord on my knees
I don’t know what to say, I don’t know what to do
But my mind spins everyday just thinking about you
As the days go by, my love for you continues to rise
This man has finally walked into my life
Now all I want to do is become his wife
See you mean that much to me, you have given me that air I need
I can’t see myself with no one else
Remember you changed my way of thinking about myself
You’re the absolute definition of what true love is
My heart was closed but you reopened it
This whole time I never thought someone had the key
But God already knew you were meant for me
One Beat, One Soul, One Love, Unconditionally


MVP-Most Valuable Poet

this is a very passionately driven poem
you express your love and feelings for this man
i felt each word, each word represents the care you have for this man
he knows who the poem is about
great job

Miss Independent

Ahhhhhhhhhh! I SO want this one sweetly expressed, Rein. REAL love---> Beautiful!

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