The day the earth stood still

red splattered the walls

as lifeless bodies filled the halls

all it took was one

one with hatred in his heart

for all of them to fall

down with the shells that spewed off


As we grow numb to it all

we begin to laugh it off

laugh until the tears glide down our face 

Like a broken faucet 

or just one that was forgotten to be turned off

whether its within or not

the shadows begin to grow


The shadows of fear and doubt

which have grown like a weed 

for that shot planted a seed

a seed that no else can see

for as it thrives

pieces of the soul dies


The darkeness will fade as the light shines bright 

for it will overcome it all

and the seed will be overcomed with defeat

a defeat of the bullet 

the tales of the survivors

the shattered souls


The ones that were changed forever

are beginning to ask for more

no more and no less

for to live is a right

which is something they are used to fighting for

The silence which reigned before will forever be broken





This poem is about: 
My community
My country


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