Once Upon a Villain

Once upon a Villain,

The villain was chillin'

The Villain was a teen

A boy with intelect supreme

He wandered round the forest.

the place where he was freest.

He came across a old looking witch.

Having had fallen into the ditch.

She begged for help "Help me Please!"

The teen villain simply laughed with ease.

"Now why should I do that, old mage?'

"Careful," She warned. "Lest you raise my rage."

The boy simply looked at her wrinkled face and scoffed.

"You are the one laying there in the frost!"

"How about we play a little game, boy?"

The Villain thought on her devious ploy.

"Very well, you've convinced me! What is this game?"

"The game is simple, and a little lame.

"Here is what you do, so listen close.

"All you must do is find the dog rose."

"Is that all, truly, that is just sad."

"If you fail you must lift me out, comrade." 

"Agreed," Said the vain teenage child.

Hours later, he returns with a rose defiled.

"Here you are!" He threw it down.

He turns to leave, but sees a women in a crown.

"My lady, how fare you?"

He asks without a clue.

"I am well, young one."

"Except in the ditch, where you helped me none."

Arrogance turned fear, as he realized it was all a test.

Now, he is forever cursed in the bird's nest.

This poem is about: 
My family


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