Once Upon A Time: A New Era

Once upon a time this era's Belle sits, sipping Starbucks' newest frappuccino flavor-

Whatever that is. 

Her late night study sessions bring even earlier mornings. 

The bags under her eyes show this perfectly whole her nose is shoved into a textbook rather than her favorite novel. 


Once upon a time Rapunzel was actually an art major. 

An art major who's parents wished that their "clever little girl" had "amounted to more in life."


Once upon a time Aurora was only viewed as a "sleeping beauty" at a party. 

To prowling frat boys, her body is more interesting than the plans she has for her future. 


This generation's once upon a time has become a college education. 

Now, our fairy godmother is cash, 

Our glass slippers are costly textbooks,

And the mirror on the wall is our major- telling us who we will be. 


The new era's high school students are taught that a college education is key to happily ever after. 

Now, stressed students wish. 

They wish upon a stars and scholarships to get their one way ticket to happily ever after-

Or as they call it- their college education. 


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