Once Upon A Time: Aladdin


Once Upon a Time: Aladdin

Once upon a time in the lands of sand

There was a gent’ named Aladdin

Whose life wasn’t a fairyland


He had to steal everything just to get by

Everyone in town believed he was a toxic guy

Street Rat they yelled, not understanding why

You see Aladdin was homeless with one friend by his side

His camel sidekick Abu

So, thieving’ was their only way to survive


On the far side of town in a mansion

Lived a Sheik and his daughter, Jasmine

Worried for his legacy, he forced Jasmine to amalgamation

Suitor after suitor auditioned

But these guys, Jasmine really wasn’t feeling’

“These tools will never be my husband!”


When no one was looking

Jasmine put on a disguise and went cruising

Anywhere but home seemed thrilling


In a Bazaar, we lay our scene

Aladdin and Abu are plotting a scheme

Anything to get some cuisine


Jasmine is amazed by the commotion

Clothes, shoes, jewels by the bargain

Shop Therapy like this is a girl’s heaven


She’s stopped by an orphan who asks so bashful

“Excuse me miss, but may I trouble you for an apple?”

Who could say no to such an angel


Forgetting she was in disguise

She took an apple and gave it to him like a prize

“THIEF!” The owner cried


She stood totally confused

Payment he demanded or be abused

The situation escalated, so Aladdin came in to defuse


He bamboozled the guy and they were off with the loot

Staying hidden and off the route

A friendship and adventure were sure to pursuit


He knew of alleyways and passages and showed her about

Places only street rats scurry in and out

Until he led her to his hideout


Now these two are starting to click

In Aladdin’s eyes, this girl is picture-perfect

Falling in love like this, neither of them predicted


Just as they are about to kiss

Jasmine’s phone goes off- accept or dismiss?

“Incoming Call from Father, Princess!”


“Did your phone just call you a princess?”

“Ummm yeah I can explain, I’ll just ignore this.”

But security swarming the room completely ruined the bliss


The Sheik tracked her phone

Now her cover was blown

Security knocked out Aladdin and took Jasmine home


Aladdin awoke in the backseat of a car

Groggy and feeling bizarre

A dark silhouette said, “There’s our star.”


“I’m here to make a deal.

And I bet you’ll think it’s ideal…

Or else the consequences for kidnapping a Sheik’s daughter are surreal.”


“You see I need you to go deep in the Bazaar

There is a store for knick-knacks and items quite odd

But only the truly worthy can see its façade.”


“In the store, there is a device…

Like Google Home or Amazon Echo merchandise

But this digital assistant is more precise.”


“Go to the store and get this device for me.

Once I have it, I will set you free…

And make you wealthy.”


“Now get out of my car and don’t forget…

Get the device or the consequences you’ll regret.”

They threw Aladdin in the street and jet


In the Bazaar, Aladdin and Abu searched

Through alleyways and passageways, they lurched

Until finally the Cave of Wonders façade sat perched


Aladdin, surprised, walked through the doors

And there stacked priceless items from the ceiling to the floors

But, they only need one item so they continued to explore


Until they walked along and saw something under a spotlight

It was the personal assistant, all right!

But Abu touched something and the alarm sounded with a fright


Aladdin grabbed the device and ran

The mysterious car showed up and tried to kill him—that wasn’t part of the plan

Now, he had to hide in the shadows like Batman


As Aladdin held the device, he checked to see it wasn’t broke

As he checked it, he hit a button and it awoke

“I’m your personal Genie!” it bespoke


“I can grant you only 3 wishes, so think long and hard.

If you wish…fame and fortune could be your reward.

Wishes for love or resurrection, I must disregard.”


“What would you want Genie?”

“No one ever asked me, but I’d wish to be free.”

“I promise you Genie, I’ll wish that for you before number three.”


“Being with Jasmine is the thing I most want.

But to date her, I must have stuff to flaunt.

So, I wish to be a prince… with a grand debutant!”


“If that is what you demand…

I suggest being true to yourself – honesty is a gesture grand

But you’re wish is my command”


And with that, the magic began

Aladdin transformed into the freshest threads

And had the flyest whip – Lamborghini. Red.


There’s no way Jasmine could refuse dating Prince Ali

He’s the flyest of the fly

The freshest can be


As Prince Ali made his way to the palace

A parade in his honor lead the way in the upmost status

With all this commotion, Jasmine would have to notice


Prince Ali made his way through the gates

He asked the Sheik (permission) and Jasmine on a date

She was reluctant but agreed cause Ali seemed intimate


Ali took her to a place with the best view

This seemed familiar so she asked about Abu

He answered before realizing- his cover was blew


He still didn’t believe he could be with such a beauty

He lied and said he truly was Prince Ali

And he’d sneak away to the Bazaar to be free


They continued the night—going places near and far

They even shared a kiss under the stars

When they came back Ali was grabbed….by Jafar


“You have something of mine or did you forget?

Give it here, boy or I’ll make good on that threat!

Hand over the device or you’ll be upset!”


Jasmine was trapped and a fight ensued

But Aladdin was no match for Jafar’s kung-fu

And Jafar had the device – now our hero is screwed


Before Jafar could make his first wish

Aladdin pulled out one of his tricks

“That device will always be more powerful than you, PRICK!”


“You’re right, when it comes to power that’s key.

Genie, I wish to be a Genie!”

Now Jafar is trapped and can never flee


Aladdin went and freed Jasmine

He told her the truth and they embraced with such passion

But Aladdin had one more thing to be done


Aladdin went over and picked up the Genie

Genie, ole pal I wish you were free.

Genie transformed to a human, unexpectedly


“You have been such a true friend, Aladdin.

I *WISH* you all the best in life and with Jasmine.

See you around, it’s been blast man!”


Genie disappeared with a blur

Aladdin learned to be himself, whether rich or poor

And they all lived happily ever after



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