Once Upon A Time?

Thu, 08/31/2017 - 02:21 -- M_Aleks

Once upon a time?
Was there ever such a time?
Where princesses were captured
And objects came to life?

If that ever were to happen
Would it not be a has-been?
Since many are the same
Where the villain steals the dame?
And it puts us all to shame?
That we never save the game?
And the "hero" gets the fame?

If the tea cup, a component,
Came to life for just a moment,
I would make it an opponent
Because its life is an atonement
How did it even get that potent?

If the fairy tales were true,
None of this would ever brew,
Since the prince would sometimes fail
It causes the princess to fight and win
Those talking teacup would always sell,
And each ending to be chagrin

Magic an illusion
That is caused by a collusion
From a naughty young fellow
Who is suspiciously cool and mellow.

If there ever was a time
Of a "Once Upon A Time"
It would not just be a dime
But instead, be filled with crime
Since the stories consist of grime
It will not become a prime,
So let's save it for bedtime. 






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