Once Upon Everyday

Thu, 08/03/2017 - 21:16 -- 4everbe

Once upon every day
  I open my eyes
  and I jump out of bed
  I throw open my curtains
  open my windows
  and draw in a breath
  The morning is just blooming
  over the buildings up above



         I go into the kitchen
  to make a concoction of such an aroma
  that I can't help but smile at the smell of it all
  I savor each bite
  then go out the door


       I walk along the streets
  my head tilting upward
  looking at my companion, the clouds drifting on by
  When I reach my destination I give one last look
  before I say goodbye


       Inside I go
  Time flying by as I paint my way through canvases
  each brush stroke bleeding into the next
  Until it is time to leave my world of creation behind


        Back out the door I go
  But this time as I look up I say hello
  to my new companion full of stars up above


        We walk along the streets roaming until I make it back home
  Inside and up the elevator to my humble abode
  I go into the kitchen to begin my next creation
  savoring its every bite as I do with the sun
  and as I now do with the moon up above


        As I sit perched next to my window
  the last of my meal seeping away
  I drift off to sleep
  remembering my day


       Once upon every day
  I am present
  I am happy
  and I am thankful for the joy that greets me in my day












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