But Once to a King


United States
39° 7' 44.904" N, 76° 28' 45.9984" W

I close my eyes-
The darkness sems to
sink in. Words are no longer
like waves coming in-
to me, rather like grass beneath my feet.

When my eyes open again
to a world of color. Hues of blues,
greens, yellows catch in the air.
And you stand before me, as if you
had never left. As if I will open my arms
allowing you back in. Never shall I
bow to the weight of stares
or the facade you had long built
to save your hopeless heart
from the unseen cruelty of
the world. But you were once a
king- I, lion heart.

You were once my king,
but your pride took you too
high. And fell from grace-
Left me still too high; dead in the
air. Hanging by a thread.

I am a lion heart. I do not shudder
when the wind blows snow on to my
skin frosting flesh. Nor do I
liste to the demon's song of false
faith. For I, a lion heart, live on
without a king to weigh me down. I
float down,back to Earh. For the world
I know so true, while filled with blood and
other dark hues, does brim with life and promise
of tomorrow.

Farewell, my king, who had fallen so hard.
I am leaving here, to give the world what
it yearns for. A hero.


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