Once Ends

Once upon a time

When we were fine

I could breathe in air, life

Now i breathe in the crimson blood

From my heart that bleeds out

My skin, damaged from the scars


These are my scars

Built on our time 

I should have walked out

We will never be fine 

I could show him my blood 

Empty from taking my life


All I've done for your life 

I must have left some scars 

Our love left us with blood 

You should take your time

I said ok, fine

Then you shoved me out


Let me rip my heart out

Show you how my life

Is, neither good, great, or fine

These walls are built on my scars

It has been a long time 

Since I thought about our burning blood


Nothing runs more than blood 

Go away from my mind, Get out!

No more hours to waste towards time 

I must get on with my life

Put bandages over the scars

Tell someone else that your girlfriend's looking fine


You don't look fine

If it was up to me, I'd make you feel pain of blood

Blood runs deep but these scars

Stay til the day life runs out

I am running out of life

Nothing to do but count time


Live your life with no scars

You'll be the one on the out not feeling fine

There are no happy endings, with blood, only once upon a times 


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