Oluwatoyin Salau

Oluwatoyin is you,

Oluwatoyin is me.

She was pretty and vocal,

She was elegant and direct.


As gorgeous as the light glistening on a beach wave,

As youthful as the child playing outside.

Killed by the very same ones,

She swore to protect.


Oluwatoyin could have been you,

Oluwatoyin could have been me.

We failed her every single step of the way,

No one paid attention.


That changes with me.

We will scream your name,

From the top of the hill,

That you sacrificed yourself on.


I see myself in her,

We all should.

In the whistling trees and the blue skies,

I remember that you should still be here.


So everytime you hear,

Oluwatoyin Salau.

Just remember that in this skin,

There’s a human being.

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My community
Our world
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