To be young is to be invincible.

Years lay ahead of you like a country road:

Perpetual and blindingly beautiful.


To be young is to be ignorant,

of real world troubles;

And as we all know: ignorance is bliss. 


To be young is to be helpless. 

In control of nothing, save the words you speak.

Even so, you must bite your tongue

When you're young. 


To be young is to be angry 

At the restrictions and the uncertainty.

Burdened with a yearning to grow up,

But clueless as to what you'll do once you have. 


To be young is to be unsatisfied. 

Naievity induces longing for excitement,

Ironically causing today's woes to be bland. 


To be young is to be miserable.

Always wanting what you don't have,

Forgetting that you have what you need. 


To be older is to be tired. 

You're big enough to know there's nothing "more".

You never fulfilled those childish dreams;

Now you know you can't. 


To be older is all the young want. 

But to be older 

Is to be young 

With less expectations. 


This poem is about: 
Our world


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