The Old World Machine

Thu, 12/12/2013 - 23:17 -- Lotus

To say that the classroom is old and dried out isn't much of a stretch. You still get judged on the ideals you're told to fetch. There's no life and no learning. There's only the system of the old world still left burning. Teachers teach one way streets where the heart no longer beats. We're all stuck glued to our seats taking fire from the systems legions of fleets. You're taught to see one way with only a few words to say. Is there no better way then to shape a student like a piece of clay? I still look at a system that turns out clones to fill workplaces with a surplus of drones. There's no teaching no learning. No lesson I see leaves the young soul yearning. It still turns out copies of ideal pictures while still reading from outdated scriptures. Instead of creating workers we should be inspiring a group of dreamers. Yet we still feed the youth to the companies of schemers. We sale the idea of slavery that one day your dream would come true. But each day, the system makes it harder to do. So ask I you teachers, become more than just preachers. Stop feeding the machine all these believers to slavery's conceivers. Stop breathing the old world tongue. Let the rusty work bell go unsung. Be that one force to break the machine. Be that one force to fix everything in between. You are in charge of the future and its people. So please, stop turning them into sheeple.


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