old wives tale

Deep within the myrtle grove. Stood a woman who was foretold, that her son would rule the land. And rule these people with an iron hand. But the king was still alive, so her son would be deprived. But only for a moments time, for she was out to do her crime. Her son would be the King and would soon wear the ruler’s ring. And as her beautiful flower, she would not let his petals grow sour. And so she roamed far and wide, till she came upon the tide. Where she took off to sea, to show the world how glorious her son could be. Riding to the Church of Rome, she had never felt more alone. But thinking of her son, she could not leave the deed undone. She set out to find the oracle, which seemed sort of allegorical. And as she grew near, she could not shake this feeling of fear. So soon she found the old man, who was said to know God’s plan. She told her tale and asked for assistance, but only got resistance. The man would not tell her what to do, but she continued to pursue. Until he could not take it, and so he had to fake it.

“At dawn the sun will rise, and soon your son will not be deprived. Go to the kings chamber, and do the dirty labor. You must first kill the king, so your son can expand his wing, and rule the neighboring countryside, now go across the tide. Do not let the deed go undone, for then you would not have won. Go now you have God’s blessing, let not this deed go without relenting.”

And so with many praises, she left with thoughts of changing the ages. But as she thought of her son being king, she wondered if it was the smart thing. For if her son could rule people why she too could be seen as regal. So it was two lives she would take, and all before the moon would awake.

Soon reaching the dock, her son sat waiting with their flock. For he was a Sheppard and all his sheep were treasured. He did not know of his mothers plan, or that she met with the wise man. And so he went on with his day, and did not know that death was on its way. 




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