Oh Why (song)

Sun, 11/23/2014 - 21:34 -- 1001635

Verse 1:

Why do I fall when I stand

why do I sink when I swim

and why when I try these things never go as planned

when I'm around you everything I try to do seems to fail

all I am is true to see me become who I want to be



Through the trials I climb to the highes demise

overlooking those eyes with the terrible lies

calling me what I'm not, selling me what I've got

aint nobody gonna touch me here

I'm too far away to hear



To hear the words that call me closer

from you I run, from the lies I've done

complete the games of humility

from silence I scream, from my own enemy


Verse 2:

Why do I lie through the truth

why do I dream through my wake

and why when I try to speak I never seem to be heard

when I'm away from you everything I see seems to remind me

all we had is gone all we loved is lost can you please set me free


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