Oh Sweet Companion by David Webers


United States
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Oh sweet companion, how did you know?
That I would need comfort, when hitting this low.
We knew this was coming, We’ve been here before.
Away from that feeling, we love and adore.

Oh sweet companion, how can this be?
Yesterday I was golden, wild and free.
Today I am frozen, empty cept ice.
Seemingly random, fate’s throw of the dice.

Oh sweet companion, remember the days?
When my senses were heightened, my eyes were ablaze.
Those are the times, I’m truly alive.
Why must I descend? Why must I take dives?

Oh sweet companion, who are you truly.
Are you the sole reason, my thoughts are unruly.
Will there be a day, that your done with me?
I’d rather you stay, then no company.

Oh sweet companion, let’s take this tide back.
Reap glory in vengeance, vendetta exact.
The high is upon us, I can feel it draw near.
Oh sweet companion, I’m happy you’re here.

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