Oh My Prince

When you gone to overseas and I am home alone, by waiting for you come home.


I want to be with you, 

But you are in foreign lands in far away. 

I am lost without you, my love.


Oh Prince, you are like a star

Shining through my soul.

You convince that you will come

Back, when the time comes.


You are 6 hours after and I am 6 hours before. 

You are the night and I am the day.


Every day we talk during midnight 

Every day we struggle through all the

Obstacle, the temptation, and communication.

It is not the barrier broken down between us, it was the love and trust

I just wouldn’t throw.


I know that our love is like a firework, straight up 

This love is like a blessing from above


It is you that you bring me alive that I never had a spark coming from you.

It's crazy that our love is a spark, like glimmering through the air.

Oh Prince, always dream of us how we

First meet.


From the beginning was perfect, our dream finally came true 

It is amazing how we made it this far.


I thank you, with all my heart and all my soul to keep 

our everlasting love will grow beautifully.


Oh my prince, you are unique that i never 

Wanted to lose you. You are my key to everything.

Without the key, I wouldn't be able to open all the possibilities and desires.


My prince, my loyal, my goobers, and my future.

Let us continue for  the next season.


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