Oh dear husband

Wed, 07/02/2014 - 00:01 -- aal523

Oh dear husband I’ve reached my last straw!

Your lover and you have become too enthralled!

You don’t seem to notice that I am aware

Of the love that you’ve developed for such a square.

You touch her and hold her ten thousand times more

Than you ever have touched and held me before!

At dinner you can’t seem to even look up

I talk and I talk but yet there’s no response.

She steals your attention the whole day through

I just want to have a quiet alone minute with you!

You see her in the morning and in the evening as well

But with me you only see me if I yell!

You always listen to her on directions and stuff

But you don’t listen to me on too much.

I come home to find our daughter tying up the baby

And where do I find you? Texting with your lady!

Even the children have noticed all the time you give her.

They really miss the attention from their father!

We have a marriage and children between the two of us

Did you really think I was going to let this go on without a fuss?!

You take her with you everywhere you go

What is so amazing about her? I just want to know!!!

Social media, craigslist, internet too

I am sick of the apps you’ve grown addicted to!

I can’t take it no more I’m sick of being alone

Could you please put down that smartPHONE!?!?!


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