oh the beautiful contradictions


land of the free

follow the script

institutionalized thoughts

no dreams can inspire you

we care about us 

and depend on you 

to be firm and broken 

beaten to the point of never lookig different

no one listens to those young kids 

the forsaken ones who fight 

id like to see you try like them 

go ahead i dare you

liberty will crush you

and the sand man will haunt you

and big brother will make you fear

fear the pursuit of happiness

and individuality

one day will be tomorrow 

when the silence speaks up

fights back and rebels

we dont need an education that breaks us

and makes us fear the skies , the seas and all "impossibilities"

together we stand to break free

from the teachings of dirrection

and comformity 

break free from the shackles 

we place on our dreams

as american kids we dream

as children in the darkness we fear

as a nation of innovators, creators and dreamers 

we stand against this brutal world.

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