Ode to My Teddy Bear



Ode to my greatest companion, Teddy

Your small body, covered in purple fur, battered and worn down after over a decade of use

Missing half your stuffing after enduring multiple surgeries to replace limbs and sew up holes, but still ready for play or comfort whenever I need you.

Your soft body brings me back to an effortless childhood when life was simpler and I was too naïve to recognize the chaos surrounding me.

You comforted me in times of heartache and pain, and were beside me as I rode the wave of happiness and triumph.

Your presence transports me back to a time where my family was whole, a memory deeply hidden and buried in the depths of my subconscious

I can still recall the evening I received you, over fourteen years ago – one of the greatest memories of my childhood still present in my cognizance

I knew you were the bear, the trustworthy companion I needed, as soon as my eyes found you and you rejoiced when I chose you to come home with me.

Alas, I have matured beyond that juvenile mentality and longer turn to you in times of need, leaving you lonely and bereft of my affection.

But on my bed you sit, superior to the other stuffed animals strewn around the room,


Ready and eager to pounce at the opportunity of being desired once more.


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