Ode to my Rings

Ode to my rings


You sit upon my fingerShining like the sunIn early morningOr maybe after aStormPeakingProudly and outstandinglyThrough the cloudsAs if the excitement to show your existence isUntamable You standWith as much strengthAs a man in the armyFightingWinning, all for the glory of his countryFightingFor a purpose You clothe my fingerHolding warmth to my bodyLike the heavy winter coatThat an EskimoCounts on for survival You are a symbol of unionOf a fresh new startSymbol of successAnd loveSymbol of the purity of a virginA promise from a high school boy in love You have been on many fingersFrom a mighty queenTo a princessTo a daughterPassed down from a peasantTo a cookTo a preacher’s daughter You have been everywhereFrom sea to shining seaFrom the rocky mountain planesTo the gardens of New Jersey You have been small then wide Broadened in sizeTo fit any fingerIn whichThe next hand provides And now you have landedIn my faithful and adoring handsYou have been mineSince the beginningOf timeYou’re with me everywhereMore comforting than a best friend You dress up my bodyLike a model before a showYou are exalted above allEncasing my finger in10 karate gold that evenA king would be happy to behold. But unfortunatelyThis is not a fairytaleThe story ends we’re toldAnd after mine is done and over withYou will be snatched from my dead cold fingers. You will be stolenPoked and proddedYour precious gems and jewels are extractedLike an organ from the shell of the deceasedUnlike the organ, you will meet the firery flames of hellAlong with others like you You will become oneA blockMixed goldYou will sit on a shelfAnd waitWaitFor your next destination After much considerationYou are again placed within the flamesTransforming your perfect shapeFrom a squareTo a sphereTo a ring again You are dressed upIn different clothing,Nicer and lovelier than beforeYou are placed in a glass caseAs if you were an ancient artifact at a museum Here you waitWaitFor the unadulterated hands to pick you upOnes that are lucky enough to behold yourFlawless beautyGorgeous as a flowerResilientWith never-ending power


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