Ode to my Family

As a baby, you held me with tender love and care

The smiles and warmth you gave me was above all else and more than fair

I thank you for the days of laughter

And guiding like a shepard’s master 


As a baby, I would make a fuss

Even then, you offered me the world and plus

Waking up was a nightly routine; caring for me

You should have gotten a degree

For putting up a fight and dealing with little old me


My toddler years came around

And it was as if I could never frown.

You fed me the most delicious food 

And still changed my diaper when I pood


My first day in second grade

And the only thing I felt was afraid

You consoled me and told me everything would be okay

You did this for me everyday

Regardless of the time and weather

You always made sure we were in this together


Through the years you've looked out for me

You loved me when no one else was there


This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world


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