An ode to music

Life in silence is indeed no life
Life in silence is constant strife
Life in silence, suffering is rife

But from the soaring symphonies of Bach
To the revolutionary rhythms of Ringo
I’ll rock around the clock
And howl like a dingo

The variety of sound is also worth note
From the falsetto harmonies that Mercury wrote
To the booming baritone of Elvis and Otis
These are voices that you’ll surely notice

How can I forget about the music of this very city
The Smiths, Oasis, Stone Roses are the core committee
But with contributions from Joy Division and Happy Mondays
This city’s musical legacy will remain always

Music is a universal language
Across all continents and cultures
Warding away life’s cold emotional vultures
And easing the world’s people from anguish

There is so much more to say
And many more a conversation to be had
Pick this up another time I may
But now a final statement to add

To experience music brings you to a whole new world
With emotions, senses and new lives to be unfurled
Now I hope you will take on board the words I say
And type in any song, click on it, and press play

This poem is about: 
My community
Our world
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