Ode to a Leaf in the Wind

A leaf falls

Drifts in the wind

Carried on a breeze smelling of wood smoke

And the sound of splashing

Sinks into my skin

Like the sun

Bounces off the autumn leaves

Sheading summer skin

In favor of more colorful garb


And the people below

Plan in reverse

No more color for them

The cold grows day by day

But still some cling

To the splashing and the singing

That warmed the water

Which lapped the sand

Where they played


But for now the hills dance

As the leaves rustle

In the breeze that still carries warmth

Living permeates all

In moments such as these


For only when frost threatens

And wind bites

Do we dare throw away

Our worn out mantle

We go naked

Shivering, but shining brightly

Our colors on display

Seen by the world

In time


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