Ode to Julie Andrews: MY Favorite Things


United States
41° 55' 9.9156" N, 88° 8' 2.4684" W

That fuzzy feeling when he smiles at me
The melting sensation of a Lindor Truffle
The hugs my friends give me when I’m crying
When I have to sneeze really bad, and then I do
Zipping through the water in a kayak
Cliff diving from thirty feet up
Laughing at special jokes with my friends
That special part of my favorite song
Lifting my hands in praise
Curling up in my cozy bed
Leaving my window open on a warm, rainy night
Letting waves push me around
Running through the woods at sunset
Summer concerts filled with cigarette smoke
The smell of leather saddles
Dancing in the warm rain
Breathing in humid air
Eating takeout Chinese
Writing to my future
And finishing my homework on time


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