Ode to Grief

What is your biggest regret?

Starting this semester off
With the deep questions, I see.

Regrets? That’s what they want from us?

Regrets are easy. I’ve got tons.


I miss your smile.
Sunshine bright, ever-present,
always pointed in my direction.

You reserved that smile
specifically for me.

I’ll never see that smile again.

I regret letting you down.



I miss your laugh.
It usually came
with your smile.


You laughed the most

when we passed the time

talking about everything,

talking about nothing.


Your laugh

was the sweet chime of bells.

Your happiness was mine.


I regret leaving you alone.




I miss your hands.

It seems like an odd thing to say,

I know.

But I do.


I miss the way your hands would connect with mine,

electricity pulsing through our touching fingertips

like the ebb and flow of the tide.


Where mine are rough and calloused,

yours were gentle, smooth.



I regret not holding them longer.




I miss your eyes.

They were perfect

soul piercing gems

embedded into your face.


They say the eyes

are the windows to the soul.

I used to believe that.

That was before I met you.


Turns out your eyes

weren’t the windows to your soul.

They were the key to unlocking mine.


I regret losing sight of you.




I miss the time we spent together.

No matter how long it was that we were together,

seconds, minutes, hours,

it was never enough.


I found myself

in the time I spent with you.

You were my

greatest joy.


I never thought I’d have to imagine life

without you in it.


I regret not being a better friend.




I miss the days

where you’d come to me,





On those days,

we grew closer than ever before,

closer than I’d ever imagined possible.


Those were the days where I realized

just how much I needed


in my life.


I regret not being able to see how much you needed me.




I miss the way

you spoke to me,

whispering gentle words

that only I could hear.


You’d caress my skin,

telling me those words

that now I’ll never hear again:

I love you.


I wish I’d had more opportunities

To say it back to you.


I regret being so scared.



I miss your love.
God, how I miss
that feeling of being so deeply cared for.
It made life worth living.

I try so hard
to remember everything
we'd ever done together.
Stolen kisses, knowing smiles, shared warmth.

That day, it all disappeared.
I will never forget the day you left.

I regret not being able to say goodbye.


I miss you
most of all.
Now that you're gone,
I have nothing left.

No more








I still visit you as often as possible.
They put you
in a nice spot beneath the willow.
You're in a patch all alone.
I feel the need to keep you company
whenever I come to say goodbye hi.

I wish I'd been able to help you.

I regret not knowing how.




He was the most beautiful person

I’d ever met.


On that fateful day,

when he chose to leave us all,

I shed more tears

than I ever had before.


I will never forget the alluring boy

who stole my heart.


Maybe I should.

Maybe it would be better that way.


But I can’t.


He was


to me.


Maybe someday I’ll join him,

wherever he is.

I hope, at least,

that he’s happy.

After everything,

    the nightmares

    the scars

    everything that made him want to leave

that’s all he deserves.

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