Ode to the Goddess, My Creators, The Black female


Right beside you is where I stood.
I am Kush, and I am Harar.
The son of the sun.
I carved out the mountains In a day.
Oh how your pulchritude...held me..still.
In admiration of you,
I pushed the earth itself into motion,
and broke a piece off 
to create the moon,
and there you tuned.
With a yawn,
from my jaded days,
I created the clouds.
I can here the mellifluous tone 
you held so dearly,
chanting...I Am....I Am....I Am.
As I ate away at the earth,
you were the water that filled the gaps,
so strong, so vibrant.
During the days my anger 
trembled the earth.
I was chaos,
yes... I was,
and you were peace,
without the other we are not.
"Your mind is strong"
were your last words to me.
With such felicity...you spoke of Me.
Oh how comely was your voice.
The earth spins for you.
The universe glows 
with you as its cynosure.
We all exist,
because you chose to.
Oh what a revelation your love has been.
Mother of all that stands,
let's speak of our dalliance once more.
For centuries you had me demure 
from your every touch.
I have found such power since then.
Where have you been
since our mighty days,
when the earth was young,
and love was but an ether 
flowing through the wind.
Remember the days pillars,
and pyramids rose from beneath the earth,
All in admiration,and praise.
It was all for you.
For, you are the pulse
that confirms the breath,
you are the light
that illuminates the land.
You are,
there is no better way to say it.
I may speak the words of the murmurous sea,
but you are the waters that allow it to be.
You are love.
The one that made me see
that formless is free,
and there is nothing I'd rather be.


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