An Ode to Family

All I need on an island is you

If I somehow could bring you to life

Because my life hasn’t been quite the same, it’s been blue

And to see you again would be nice


All I need on an island is you

And since you’ve been gone I can say

That a life without you isn’t quite as I knew

And without you I haven’t lived a day


All I need on an island is you

My brother and my closest friend

Because being alive in the wake of this truth

Makes me rather wish I was dead


All I need on an island is you

And I’m not sure, now, what to say

About all of the times I missed being with you

For glowing screens long gone away


And to think that I could’ve been there for you

That it didn’t have to happen this way

If only I’d taken the ride out with you

You’d still be here laughing today


So I’d want to be on an island with you

If only it be for a day

Because a life without you has got me so blue

That a way out for me seems okay.



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