Ode to Confusing Poems

So many bells floating up and down,
That seems to make a lot of sense,
But up so floating many bells down,
Can anyone call that a real sentence?
A beeped up story, no one loved anyone,
But noone is a lady now a happy turn,
Seriously who names their girl noone?
Those parents really need to learn.
Never for always and always for never
Meet me here and I'll make you a pagoda,
Make sense this all will in the end of forever
Make sense this all will in the ears of yoda.
Is anybody else lost yet?
Here's a map for you
Go find that poor lost pet
Maybe you'll even find two!
This ode makes nothing sense
Absolutely not understanding
I still have yet to, hence
These fancy words outstanding
This is my ode to confusing poems,
Straw, stick, and brick homes.



My absolutely /favorite/ line would simply have to be "make this all will in the ears of yoda" it just made me burst out laughing and it was just so great! I loved your poem it was so witty! Thank you for sharing!


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