An odd shade of Brown

Some days I wish I could run away

Just hop on the bus

And drive

And drive

And drive some more

Off into some countryside



At peace for once in my life

In solitude

Where I could get a small job

A job for just me

I could be a secret billionaire

Writing books under an

Anonymous name

And no one could find me

And no one would know me

The perfect new kid bliss


Some days I wish I could run away

To not feel these things anymore

I could be happy

With just me

Cut myself off from the world

And just be me

By myself


Want to run away


Because life wouldn’t be so bad


Then maybe I could be happy

With just me

And no one to intrude

And puncture my bubble

Of final happiness


Some days I wish I could run away

Because verbal abuse

Is wrong

And it hurts

More than most things

To me

If I could

I would make it

Then I would finally have


And quiet

Just for me


Am I selfish?

Maybe so

But some days I want to run away

And never return. 


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