OCD or do I Mean CDO

I go day to day night to night
I stay on repeat…stay on repeat…stay on repeat
Like a ghost who has experienced defeat
You have no control
I may die…may die...may die if I don’t stay on repeat
Wash hands, turn light out, turn light on, wash hands, and turn light out
It is a never ending cycle
No its not the same for everyone
Some just feel the need for everything to be neat
While others are just stuck
Stuck on repeat
They repeat the same thing a million times
They are powerless to stop
Go to store, fix DVDs in alphabetical order, leave go back, fix, then leave
It’s a never ending time warp
A never ended retort
It will last forever
You will get better
You need someone to support you
You need someone to help you
Support and help u shall have

Guide that inspired this poem: 


Stormie Shadle

the picture above is my own. I am sorry if i write this on all my poems I share but I have a urge to let others know its not just some picture off the internet.


 I appreciate this :)

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