The OCD Issue

Tue, 08/08/2017 - 13:15 -- Assaita

All the reds go together as well as all the blues
Line them up from lightest to darkest and make sure they don’t touch
I’ll get a terrible headache and get the urge to scream
I can’t look at it or I’ll get the urge to fix it
I can’t stare at it or I’ll get the urge to….

Stop. relax. And take a breather.
Remember your breathing exercises and go stick your head in the freezer
Chill out girl
It’s okay no one will judge you but everyone will stare and say that’s the girl who’s a cleaner
Bring her to your house and she’ll make sure it cleaner than your mother’s sweeper? Yeah
Don’t worry she might get a little crazy but who doesn’t like someone who’s a screamer?

Don’t touch me cause I don't like it
Don't touch me cause I can't take it
Don't touch me cause well… don't touch me period
I get a little crazy when people are too close to me
I don't start twitching but know inside my head you are dying a million deaths and I am a hard pleaser

I don't need to clean everything I see just like you don't need to comment on everything that's weird
My impulse check is stronger than yours because my hands stay to myself as your mouth can't seem to close
And it's funny cause you don't seem to understand just how much my shit is not funny
And I am not your personal stylists so don't ask me if the colors of your clothes go together cause I don't care just as much as I don't care when I see that my red shirt is in the blue pile

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My community
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