Observant Passage



Ripped from the skies invisible bodies that play in the light.

Cowering under their masses you’re forced to stare blankly, obediently at your shoes.


Singular in the actions against you, the moments add up.


Pulled down like slaves chained by gravity. Dutifully flattening the dust and dirt beneath their knees. 

Much like the sidewalk that is smeared into submission with our heavy feet smelling of ignorance. Feel the ground level below you.


Take glory in every passing step.


Now watch, see them gushing through the streets, dirtied with the laziness of man. 

They pelt the ground shrieking in the moments of their evanescent final act. 

Forcing you to move through their corpses and become bloodied with their bodies. 


Now walk through your home made of pain. 

Stumble up the stairs aching with stress. 


Let the dampness drip from you.

Let it fall like the rise of moral dharma.


Prepare your remedy of amnesia. 


*Takes a drink*


The bottles clinking with the sound of hollow souls, 

you throw them into a bin to recycle your abuse of careful negligence 


*Takes another drink*


Let the litter of letters dance around your mind in hopes of bringing poetic justice to the day.


Let the chair become a bed of warm irony. 

Let your shoes become slippers of comforting dismissal. 


*And another, the drink is half empty now.*


Now you wait because within the factor of time anything is possible. 

Hoping what you do matters, while not reflecting. 

To look inward is vexing, so ingest the make up made of toxins. 


As a reclusive repeat, you do it again.

Plug into that outlet full of anger. 


*They unplug with another drink*


You’re sitting in a silent room inside a block of ravenous children screaming into the darkened day. 

The dryness arises through the thick yells which neutral in their existence brings anger. 


They pick a melody that wants to be hidden, and tear it out of their lungs. 

Making you bear witness to the ousted notes now weeping with embarrassment. 


Watch them run free in the box that keeps them captive. 

When the screaming stops you worry. What could silence these souls so quickly? 

Just another scream. 








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