Sun, 06/01/2014 - 15:49 -- hquire

She had been an eager child

Always thirsty for knowledge, adventure

For things and places that she didn't know

And hadn't seen

She liked the smell of flowers

And knew how to shoot a gun


She wasn't pushy, but she was stubborn

She wasn't forceful, but she demanded attention

Her smile won her an interview

And her ability got her the job

Her charm won their attention 

And her wit kept it


But because she was confident, she was bitchy

And because she was pretty, she was slutty

And because she got what she wanted 

No, what she worked for 

She was spoiled


And because she told men "no," she was a tease

And because a man did not listen

Because a man took her "no"

And threw it to the curb and had his way

Despite her protests

Despite her tears

She was was asking for it


And because she challenged him

In front of a jury of her peers

As was her right

She was ruining his life

And because she lost

She deserved it


But she lost more

More than he ever had, ever will

She lost her self worth 

Her self esteem

Her very self

She looked in the mirror

And saw a slab of meat

Mute, helpless, useless


For if she could not control her body

The one thing that beloned solely to her

(or so she thought)

What could she control?

Because it most certainly

Was not her future. 


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